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You have come to the right place for water damage assistance: American Home Restoration handles all types of water damage in Van Nuys CA for residential and commercial properties. We service all types of properties including homes, condos, townhomes, apartments, offices, warehouses, retail stores, high rises, and healthcare facilities. Water damage to a home or business can come in many ways. Our Van Nuys water damage restoration services include immediate water extraction, followed by high tech procedures to dry out your structure, and salvage your furnishings and belongings. We understand that when you’ve been faced with a disaster, you want help immediately. We are here for you, no matter the time, and we even have a telephone help line to get you the answers you need, and provide you with a free estimate on our water damage repair services in Van Nuys. Call us to get immediate help.

No matter the source, the damage to the water results in the destruction of the building and its contents, causing expensive water damage repair in Van Nuys area. The most important action to preserve your property and its contents is the immediate removal of water-nothing can be recovered or repaired until the water is extracted! For best results, the water needs to be removed within a few hours. That’s why we offer a 24-hour emergency response to your home or business, 365 days a year. As experts in water damage restoration, we know that prompt action can minimize any long term damage and our modern work techniques will soon have your home looking and feeling great again.

During the water damage repair process, we can sometimes dry the drywall in place if there is no swelling and the seams are intact. Our water damage restoration company provides water damage repair in Van Nuys and the surrounding cities. If you want more information about our water damage service in Van Nuys or want to tell us more about your needs, contact American Home Restoration today.


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